ZeroCC provides digital and collaborative solutions that enable companies and their stakeholders to engage together in the collective fight against climate change through carbon offsetting made accessible to all in a digital, transparent and impactful way.

Our model, “Carbon Compensation as a Service”, is a SaaS model focused on digital, on services and on our presence as a trusted third party, playing our role as a “smart” retailer of carbon credits.

ZeroCC thus offers citizens the opportunity to take concrete action in favor of climate in direct relation to their daily or regular activities.

It is an innovative solution because it allows companies to achieve their carbon footprint reduction goals while involving their stakeholders, notably their customers.


Our solutions enable you to engage in your net zero journey with ease


Because each trajectory towards carbon neutrality is unique, we customize our solutions to meet your specific needs.


Because a relationship of trust is built step by step, our services start without any cost for you


Because in a complex world, your challenges are always more numerous, it is essential to anticipate your ecological needs of tomorrow.